Travel, Save Money And Make New Friends

As the society evolves towards greater trust and less fear and suspicion, we hope that impersonal and expensive hotel stays will be replaced by people seeking new friendships all over the world, opening their homes to others who share their interests, tastes and lifestyles.

It seems insane to me that people will travel and then stay with strangers in an impersonal environment, rarely if ever communicate with their neighbors and pay huge amounts for the privilege. Many organizations will match people up with other members to stay with when they travel. But what if you don’t belong to such an organization? This article introduces a new concept – homestay matching, based on common interests and activities.

Many people have empty space in their homes and would just love to entertain guests from far-away places, who share their lifestyle and love the same things.

I believe there is a need for a matching service, perhaps as extensive as most dating services, but designed to match travelers with compatible hosts.

Suppose you have particular skills that you want to barter for accommodation. Maybe the location you choose will depend on the activities available locally. Do you want to stay with people who share you religious or spiritual outlook? Must your host allow smoking, drinking or pets? Will they enjoy movies, board games, conversation, and what kind of music do they like? Do you want to share communal meals with your host, or cook separately? Are you seeking learning opportunities? What kind? You need hosts with enough room for the number of people who will be traveling with you. How much, if anything, are you willing to spend?

This free matching service is our contribution to the creation of a joyful global community based on trust and open communication. Those who sign on as hosts simply enjoy meeting like-minded people from far-away places. Some charge a small amount for the accommodations and food. Others just want good company and charge nothing.

Lifetime friendships can form and you will have far more than just the regular tourist experiences. Since I wrote this article, someone has done a far more effective job than I did in creating a homestay exchange site.


Jacky is currently working as a Travel agent, as he prepares for his next big adventure abroad to learn more about the latest international technology programs, Traveling Destinations and adventurous places allover the world.

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