The Benchmade Presidio: A Folding Knife For the Ages

If you’re looking for a solid folding knife, then you can’t go wrong with a Presidio. This knife comes in two designs, the Benchmade Presidio Auto 520 and the Benchmade Presidio Auto 5000. Both knives are essentially equal in design and weight, so this Benchmade Presidio review will cover the features and advantages of the series itself.

How Balanced is the Presidio?

For a folding knife, the Presidio is remarkably balanced. This folding knife weighs just 5.6 ounces outside of the Molle soft sheath that comes with the 5000 design or is sold separately. It also contains the AXIS locking mechanism, much like the Benchmade Bone Collector AXIS folder. This means the locking bar extends through both sides and allows for ambidextrous use. When you’re not using it and don’t have the sheath, it has a steel tip-up clip that attaches securely and is reversible.

The blade on the Presidio is 3.47 inches in length when it has been locked, making it equal in size to the Benchmade Griptilian. The thickness of the blade is 0.125 inches thick, a little thicker than the Benchmade Osborne 940, and the 154CM stainless steel gives it a good durability. You can unfold the knife with one hand thanks to the balance and weight. The edge has a 50% serrated edge toward the tang for some extra cutting power, but both knives have an option for a non-serrated blade that is about 10% cheaper.

Is the Handle of the Presidio Well Made?

It’s a solid machined handle that the Presidio has to offer. It’s made from an anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum that comes in black. This gives the user a nice, firm grip, especially with the ribbing that runs down the length of the knife, which is different than the solid design of the Benchmade Emissary 470. With a length that is 4.87 inches in size, you’ll have plenty of room without having to worry about your fingers getting in the way.

How you can carry the knife is one of the highlights of this Benchmade Presidio review. The clip that is affixed to the handle is solid and strong, letting you place it on a belt, a pocket edge, or even in the webbing of your pack with ease. The Molle sheath that the 5000 series has is an added benefit and well worth the added cost if you plan on taking this knife into the outdoors. It’s even lightweight enough to slip it into a pocket if need be.

Sharpening the blade is pretty easy too. A simple honing is often all that is needed, while a diamond sharpener in a couple passes will make the blade razor sharp. It’s only going to handle a couple sharpening sessions though, so be careful but how often you do so. The blade isn’t available for engraving. It’s uses are pretty typical of a pocket knife that goes into the outdoors. Open boxes, cut some food items, or prepare some small kindling in a pinch with the Presidio.


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