Fishing Rod: 3 Surprising Things to Consider When Choosing

Before you buy your next fishing rod, consider these three tips to help you get the right one for your fishing style.

1 – Lure Comes Before Fishing Rod

Many anglers choose a rod they like without thinking about what fish they intend to catch or what more they want to use. You might be surprised to know that thinking about it the other way around can get you a better fishing rod than you expected. For example, if you want precision placement with a heavy lure, you need to get a rod with enough heavy action to get the job done.

2 – Fishing Rod Action: Light or Heavy?

Light, medium, and heavy action referred to how much the fishing rod can bend and flex as you cast and reel it in. Contrary to logic, heavy action does not mean there is more movement. Instead, the heavier or less flexible rod moves less than one with light action.

3 – How Long Should Your Fishing Rod Be?

Although there are many different suggestions about which rod length to choose for different settings, lures, and fish types, the general rule is that the longer the rod, the more control you have of where the line ends up.

If you want precision placement of your lure or bait, a longer rod may serve you well. However, it may also be difficult to transport and frequently catch in low branches on the backswing.


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