Fishfinder: How Much Money Should You Spend?

A fisherman knows his own budget but may be tempted to stretch it on the latest and greatest fishfinder options on the market. Although there are models out there with so many bells and whistles they practically catch the fish for you, a more basic finder can still help you land the big one or catch more fish for dinner.

Inexpensive Fishfinder Options

The least expensive fishfinder options include those without a large screen, no color LED lights, and those that give a signal when fish are potentially found under the boat. They have limited sonar ranges and may identify debris on the bottom of the pond or lake as fish. Still, using your fish sense and an inexpensive finder, you should be able to make quite a few catches.

Fishfinder Styles With All the Bells and Whistles

On the other hand, you can also find a fishfinder that can cost $300-$500. These have wider sonar ranges and can even scan quite a distance away from your boat so you know which way to turn. They not only identify large fish and schools of fish but give you a full-color visual on the large screen. There is even a finder type that sends the sonar readings directly to your smartphone.

It is not necessary to spend tons of money on a fishfinder if you only want a bit of assistance when you head out to the lake or river. It might be hard to resist the latest and greatest finder and all of its high-tech capabilities.


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